Friday, May 16, 2008

News, Updates, Random Wanderings

There are some strange things afoot here at The Other Aaron. I'm trying out the blog as a place to experiment on my "off" writing days. This leads to a few entries that are rather non-sequitor and rather filled with nonsense. Fun nonsense, but nonsense all the same.

On the writing front, it has been a good week. A new magazine, Morpheus Tales, has picked up one of my short stories, and the oft-revised "Hunting" will be in Bloody October, an anthology due out in...ta-da, October from Corpulent Insanity Press. There are some well known small press names in the anthology, so I'm pretty excited. Clockwise Cat will be publishing my surreal grocery store rant ("The Grocery Peril of Bagged Cereal Mascots") in July, and Neonbeam picked up two poems ("In the Jar" and "The Secret in the Rain") for their June issue.

As usual, it's feast or famine, and I'll probably wait another month before I find another acceptance, but such is life.

Vive la Nonsense!


Catherine J Gardner said...

Congrats into making it into Bloody October - I'm one of the lesser known names :) - can't wait to see the TOC.


Aaron Polson said...

Thanks, congrats back to you. What's in a name,anyway?