Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Am Legend (Ruined...again)

Ok. I Am Legend, a seminal work in the speculative fiction field. A weird tale for the ages, bits and pieces of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and just plain oddness wrapped tightly in a nice little ironic package by the master Richard Matheson.

Then Hollywood digs its gnarly hands into the story and destroys it. I had high hopes--Will Smith aside--that this incarnation of the classic novella would come close to the original, that feeling of "ohhhhh..." that hit when reading the last page.

Nope. Hollywood intervenes with another martyr/cowboy ending, and Robert Neville goes out in a blaze of glory. No irony. No thought. No "ah-ha" moment for the hungry Matheson fan.

I'm tired of Hollywood selling us the same "good guys win in the end" story and pretending it's something new. the way...spoiler alert. I guess that should have gone first--just like somebody should have warned me about the movie...

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