Saturday, November 17, 2007

Selected Bibliography

Some of the tales that have tumbled from my dusty brain.


"Hunting" - Bloody October (September 2008)

“Start small,” [Alan] mumbled as he walked into the trees, remembering that it was Halloween night, and the streets would be filled with trick-or-treating children--an easy hunt indeed.

"In Old Water" & "The Ox-Cart Man" - Northern Haunts (Shroud, Forthcoming)

"Care and Feeding of the Old Flat Mile" - The Black Garden (Forthcoming)

"A Plague from the Mud" - Monstrous (Perumted Press, Forthcoming)

"The Scavengers Lying in Wait" - Harvest Hill (Graveside Tales, October 2009)

"Uncle Jackhammer and the Clockwork Beetfield War" - Johnny America #6 (2008)

"To Put Away Childish Things" - Kaleidotrope (October 2009)

"Precious Metal" - Albedo One (Forthcoming)


Ezines / PDF Magazines:

"Rock Gods and Concrete Altars" - GlassFire Magazine (Winter 2007)

Elliot doused the guitar with the entire bottle of lighter fluid, the pungent stench dissipating into the Nebraska night, and tossed the empty canister aside. He pulled Ben’s old lighter from his jeans pocket and snapped it open. With a quick flick of his thumb a small flame lurched toward the dark summer sky, and he dropped the lighter on the guitar, watched it explode as
a magnificent pyre fit for a rock god.

"Homecoming" - Reflection's Edge (March 2008)

"Junk" - Firefox News (April 2008)

"A Fresh Coat of Paint" - Big Pulp (May 2008)

"Catalog Sales" - Necroctic Tissue (October 2008)

"The Eyes Have It" - Well Told Tales (Forthcoming)

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