Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and/or rated "Soul Marbles". I appreciated all of it: the good, the bad, the ugly, and in between. Every Day Fiction is a perfect example of the power of online markets. The story garnered 20+ comments and 40+ ratings--you and I know there were many more readers. So, thanks.

Hello to Barry Napier's Masks of Our Fathers, which should be available for purchase on Kindle soon (it's already listed on Amazon). I read Masks in beta, and it's a great ride. Day Terrors, including my short story "Sea of Green, Sea of Gold", is also up for purchase in dead-tree format.

Finally, I must say goodbye to our local Borders store. As part of the bankrupcy, Borders will close 200 stores, including the Lawrence branch. Sorry I didn't buy more books...well...not really. We have a great, thriving indie store, The Raven, just down the street. If I'm going to support a brick and mortar, it'll be the indies.

Have a lovely Thursday. And no, we didn't win yesterday. We took second of ten.


Barry Napier said...

Thanks for the mention. And sorry to hear about your Borders (but all the better for the indie store)!

K.C. Shaw said...

I loved "Soul Marbles"--I just read it. You do imagery better than anyone else I know. :)

Ouch about your Borders. It looks like ours is safe, fortunately. It's a small store but has a better selection than our local B&N in some areas. We need both. Our only indie closed at the beginning of this year, unfortunately.

Simon Kewin said...

Just got around to reading Soul Marbles. Great stuff. As to whether it's speculative : maybe. I do love stories where it's difficult to decide.

Aaron Polson said...

Barry - I'm not too sorry about Borders, but I do feel for those losing their jobs.

Thanks, KC. The real danger of closing stores is the lack of competition in the marketplace--several stores will have a border selection together.

Thanks, Simon. I like stories which are challenging, too.

Natalie L. Sin said...

I adore BORDERS, so I'm happy they have a chance to deal with their debt. Sad about all the jobs lost : (

Lee Thompson said...

I read and enjoyed and voted but can't remember if I commented.

Good job on 2nd. It's a better than 3rd, 4th, and those other numbers.

Aaron Polson said...

Natalie - Stupid economy.

Lee - Thanks. I just appreciate the read. ;)

Tyhitia Green said...

I'm sorry for the folks who will lose their jobs as well. :-/ But we have a nice indie store in my town as well and it is excellent.

Glad you got so much feedback, Aaron.

Milo James Fowler said...

"Dead tree format" =]
I mean =[

onipar... said...

2nd! Not too shabby. :-)

Yes, Soul Marbles was a fun read. I enjoyed reading through the comments as well. I had a couple stories appear in EDF a couple years ago; I should try them again. i like getting comments.

My local Borders is staying open, but I really only use them for browsing and coffee. I like my local indie book store better as well.