Saturday, January 29, 2011

Write 1 / Sub 1 Weekend Update

If you're counting, this is number three. I'm going to stop counting because, well, I just am.

I've managed my fourth story in four weeks, this one an anti-war sci-fi number called "What to Pack When You're Bound for [a really big number I can't even remember.3]" to Clarkesworld. I'm currently 17 in the queue, so when I get my rejection tomorrow, it will head back into sub land post haste.

The really big number, if you'd like to know, corresponds with a planet astronomers think might have liquid water (a necessity for life as we know it). "They" are the enemy, however, and my dear protagonist is a "trigger".

My current WIP is "vexing" me greatly, and I'm about to "raise the stakes". (i.e., punch it in the mouth)

That is all.


K.Hinny said...

Aaron, how do you know you are going to get a rejection tomorrow? Do you have a crystal ball?

Don't get too frustrated with your WIP, while punching it in the mouth is helpful, I'm sure that you will sort it out when the time is right... (Ooooo...don't you just hate it when people say that? I know I do...:D)

Keep going, I am sure and positive that you are doing a great job!

Happy writing/subbing

Cate Gardner said...

I'm now number 19 in the pending queue and I think you were twenty ahead of me...Gnaws fingernails for you and hopes you jumped to the 'under review' queue instead of receiving a rejection. Story sounds intriguing enough for Clarkesworld.

Aaron Polson said...

Kara - The crystal ball is all right there on Clarkesworld's submissions manager. You can time it all...

Cate - They beat my prediction (I go the rejection last night)--but I can't get down about a Clarkesworld rejection, right? They only publish one unsolicited manuscript a month and pay the best rate out there. I'd have better luck throwing a baseball and accidentally hitting the moon. But I'll try.

Of course I'll try. (We all will, right?)

Milo James Fowler said...

Yes we will. And I'm pretty sure you'll beat us there, Aaron!

Natalie L. Sin said...

My WIP characters keep "humping" each other when they should be "battling evil."

Aaron Polson said...

Cheers, Milo!

Natalie - Ah, human nature!

Simon Kewin said...

Great stuff Aaron : best of luck with the stories.