Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Post is About Writing

I've resurrected "The Write Addiction" and will post five prompts a week.

Today's writing prompt (a non-traditional one): Make a list of food the world's heaviest person might eat in a day.


A little announcement about the Big Experiment. I've decided to donate 10% of each month's sales (right now, that amounts to about 3 cents--woo-hoo!) over the next year to a charitable organization. I've also decided to let my blog readers vote each month on the charity which receives the cash. If I win, so does someone else. Due to JA Konrath's latest plea to let the experiment take its course, I'll be running the big experiment for the next year. At least. Some may not believe in the Church of Konrath; I'm not sure if I do, but he is one of the lead advocates for self-publishing. The experiment is about his sermons as much as anything.


I have something special to share (and it's about writing), but I figured it needs its own post. Hint: it's about someone else. Three someone elses, in fact.


Katey said...

That's a very good idea, with the Experiment!

I'm donating mine too... except just to RPP. What, that counts!?

Aaron Polson said...

Of course it does. Sensational fiction will save the world!

Cate Gardner said...

You want me to make a list of food when I'm on a diet... You hate me, right?

Aaron Polson said...

Just a prompt, Cate. I'll post one with every blog, and they won't (always) be about food. ;)