Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loathsome Reviews Contest & Holiday Book Giveaway

I'm feeling like I need to give away some more money and a couple of books. Here's the details (scroll to the bottom for the holiday book giveaway):

Loathsome Reviews Contest (12/9/10 - 1/31/11)

Like to win a $25 gift certificate to an online bookseller of your choice?

1. Write a review of Loathsome, Dark and Deep and/or The Bottom Feeders and post to a blog, Goodreads, or Better yet, post to all three for triple entries. Each post earns one point (or your name in the "hat" one time).

2. Email me: aaron.polson(at) (replacing the (at) with @ of course), letting me know where you posted a review.You can use the subject line "contest" if you wish.

3. Additional points can be earned for buying either book (just email a copy of the receipt), tweeting about the contest (make sure to reference my twitter handle @aaronpolson), or tagging the book on Amazon (just email me at the above addy and let me know).

All entries must be in by January 31st, 2010. Plenty of time to enter this one, folks. I'll send out periodic reminders. If I have enough entries, I just might give away two gift certificates.
Hey...and you're entered even if you give Loathsome a loathsome one star. Be honest!

...and the Holiday Book Giveaway:

I'm shamelessly "borrowing" the idea from the legendary Kim Paffenroth. Check out the Zombie Christmas Contest at his blog.

In the spirit of giving, you enter this giveaway for someone else. Email me (aaron.polson(at) with the name of someone you'd like to give a copy of Loathsome, Dark and Deep along with a sentence (or two) explaining why. Entries for this one are due Sunday, December 12th by midnight (CST). I'll choose two winners at random to receive a free, signed copy of Loathsome.

Fun? Spread the horror joy!


Katey said...

Ooooh these are both really awesome! *rubs hands together greedily* And I'll bet my copy's down in the mailbox riiiiight now...

Aaron Polson said...

Katey - It's harder to give things away than you think.

Cate Gardner said...

Ooh, well the first competition is going to be easy, the second one not so much because everyone I know should have bought your book already. Going to put my thinking cap on.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Mmm....25 buys a lot of coffee. I mean literature. I only buy literature in book stores! And I never, ever read the magazines.

Aaron Polson said...

Cate - I wish. If everyone you know bought a copy...well, it would be a bona fide Christmas miracle. ;)

Natalie - I feel dizzy when I look at the magazines.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

I'm halfway through Tainted, and have Bottom Feeders on my Kindle...I'll maybe put Tainted down (it's one of those books I keep laying around the house and knock out a story when I have a few minutes spare time...I have an antho in almost every room of my house) and work on Feeders this week.

Aaron Polson said...

Jeremy - An antho in every room of the house is the way to live. ;)