Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fear Before Dying

Tomorrow, I'll do the proper end-of-year wrap up thingy. Today, I'd like to share a couple of anthologies:

I wrote "Keeping the Dead" with no real market in mind. It's a strange story, not quite horror, but dark. Very dark. Imagine a world in which loved ones fear the souls of their dearly departed are subject to monsters who leave beyond the lights of the village.

Okay, so it sounds like horror. Grab a copy of Fear of the Dark when it's released from Horror Bound and find out. Plenty of good names in the book, including Martin Rose, Christopher Fowler, Paul Kane, and Bram Stoker winner Lisa Mannetti.

And then comes the little anthology that could. The intrepid Jodi Lee of Belfire Press fame came to the rescue of several orphaned stories last year, offering those stories a home in Ante Mortem.

The table of contents includes stories from Jeff Parish, Kelly Hudson, John Grover, David Chrisom, Myrrym Davies, KV Taylor, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Aaron Polson, Natalie L. Sin, David Dunwoody and Gina Ranalli. Good company, yes indeed. And at $7.99, you can't beat the price.


Katey said...

Fear of the Dark looks great, Aaron--I hadn't heard of that! I'll have to put it on top of my list.


Michael Stone said...

Cool books! And you are indeed keeping good company these days!

Martin Rose said...

I look forward to reading your dark offerings :)

Aaron Polson said...

Katey - I like Horror Bound's aesthetic, so hopefully it's on target.

Mike - If I don't make too much noise they may not notice me and run screaming for the doors. ;)

Ditto, Martin.

K.C. Shaw said...

Those anthologies sound great! They are probably above my scary-threshold, personally. :)