Friday, November 12, 2010

First Line(s) Friday

First line of a book I started (teaching) this week:

It was a pleasure to burn.

- from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

First line of a story/chapter I wrote (or started writing) this week:

First of all, it helps if the guy is big.

- from "How to Get Your Ass Kicked" (a chapter in my WIP)

First line from a story I read this week (and loved):

Limp, the body of Gorrister hung from the pink palette; unsupported--hanging high above us in the computer chamber; and it did not shiver in the chill, oily breeze that blew eternally through the main cavern.

- from "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison

What about you, fellow travelers? What first lines have you read or written this week?


Cate Gardner said...

Gorgeous lines.

As I'm working on NaNoWriMo I refuse to reveal any lines period. ;)

Milo James Fowler said...

"Dawn was no help." - Bradbury, A Graveyard for Lunatics

"When he dreamed of Gaia, he saw her as before, striding across ashen sands in moonlight, casting inviting glances over a sheer white shoulder." - chap.9 of my WiP, Progeny

Aaron Polson said...

Aw, Cate. C'mon and play...

Evocative WIP, Milo.

Katey said...

"His Majesty's necro-alchemist clutched the dead man's jaw with one hand and dug long bony fingers into the cadaver's mouth."
From "The Butterfly Assassins" by Camille Alexa

(Because obviously I would be reading Push of the Sky this week.)

As for me, ugh: "Tom situated his lantern in a shallow pile of dirt at the edge of the grave."

Yeah, I'll have to work on that.