Friday, March 27, 2009

STFU...and Do It

I stumbled across this post from Beth Wodzinski over at Apex earlier this week. I'm sure some of you have read it already. She is the editor-in-chief at Shimmer, by the way. I encourage you to have a look see.

Me, I'm a bum today, and need the kick in the pants. I need a STFU moment. I started writing in the midst of a STFU time of life. Too often, that little voice starts dribbling into my ear, telling me naughty things about why my work isn't good I'll never land an agent/book deal/starring role in a remake of Baywatch. (okay, so the last one isn't going to happen, regardless of my efforts--nor would I want it to)

The same little voice used to tell me I would never have a story published.

Then it told me the markets that I published in were lousy.

Next it sniped at online publications, even those which paid a nice, semi-pro amount.

Now it tells me I can't make a pro-paying sale.

I want to throttle the voice.

But I won't; that annoying little voice is what keeps me going sometimes. It forces me to keep trying, even if I do only to prove how wrong it is.

Did the world need another post from me this week? Heck no. But it makes for good procrastination, and now I feel like taking on the world.

*By the way...thanks to all who have left comments, etc. as to my query. You still have a chance to enter the drawing (I just really needed an excuse to ask for query help, after all).

Above all, STFU and do something about IT this weekend, whatever your it is.


Natalie L. Sin said...

For me it's probably planting those snapdragons before the season ends.

K.C. Shaw said...

I've been hearing that little voice a lot lately, telling me I'll never land an agent. STFU, voice! I will too, just watch me!

Catherine J Gardner said...

I learned something new today - what STFU means. LOL!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I have a lot of those moments as well. I have tried to drown him in beer, but the little guy is a good swimmer.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

I'm still hopeful I'll get discovered on the streets of Vegas for a Baywatch reunion, but I'm no longer holding out for "Confidently Hunky Surfer" and would settle for "Conveniently Located Buoy"

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing writer. I'm looking forward to the upcoming book

Carrie Harris said...

But... but... I really don't WANT to clean. I want to sit on my butt and read blogs.

*sigh* But I suppose you're right.