Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tech Tools in School, or Cheating the iPod with Video

I love tech toys (errr...tools), and one of my favorites is the iPod. I occasionally show videos from the thing, and found a nifty trick to avoid the ridiculous cost of the iPod video cable.

It's simple. Buy any ol' cheap 1/8" plug to RCA (Red, White, Yellow) cable. Plug the 1/8" plug into your iPod (just like the headphones) then connect the RCA plugs into the TV/projector...ah, but here's the trick: the yellow plug from your cable must go in the white connector, the white in the red, and the red in the yellow. Apple is sooo tricky.

(this works up through 5th generation...)

Yeah, this post wasn't really about dark fiction or horror, but the cost of Apple's proprietary add-ons for the iPod is very scary.


Jamie Eyberg said...

One gadget I haven't found a use for yet. Now get a re-saw blade adapter for a 14" bandsaw and we are talking.

Natalie L. Sin said...

That description made my brain cramp. I'm going to go play with my simple Rio Carbon now!