Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm to Tired to Say Much About Hell House

No, not the Richard Matheson novel, but the 2001 documentary about one of the original evangelical Christian "Scare them to Jesus" haunted houses. I picked this up at the library last week (thank you public library), and wow...was it powerful and deeply disturbing on many levels. The filmmakers do not comment directly, but through a masterful arrangement of shots and sequences. Such subtle comment is how I prefer my documentaries.

Watch it, and prepare to feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for all the well-wishing. Aimee cruised through surgery fine yesterday. According to the doctor, "she only lost about 100ccs of blood". I guess that's a good thing. My favorite hospital sign:

Blood Bank
Please enter to pick up
blood products.

What exactly are "blood products" other than, well blood? I guess there's plasma...maybe soylent red.

Mmmm...soylent red (drools).


Jamie Eyberg said...

I am glad she sailed through with no problems. I hope this one works for her. I don't think my small local library will have that one. i might have to set the old DVR to find it instead. I have 13 documentary and independent film channels. It should be on one of them eventually.

K.C. Shaw said...

The documentary sounds fascinating. And I'm glad your wife came through the surgery okay!

Hey, I saw you listed on Tor.com as winner of their zombie caption contest! Was that the same Aaron Polson or do you have an evil twin? The caption was hysterical!

Aaron Polson said...

I had no idea I won...I read the other captions and thought, "no way".

Thanks for the heads up!