Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More on Morgus

Thanks to all for the lovely Dickinson comments and thoughts on the blahs. All great ideas--read a good book (always a motivator), watch classic movies, music, etc.

What pulled me from the blahs yesterday? On the way to pick Owen up after school, a story idea that had been germinating for a while started popping into place without much conscious solicitation. I cranked out the first half after the kids went to bed. It's a historical piece based on something I learned at the natural history museum: honeybees will carry sick drones outside of the hive to die. What if you were the only healthy bee? Would that make you sick?

By the way, Morgus was a TV personality from the late 50s-80s that hosted late night horror/sci-fi films. You can read more on the InterwebTM at the official Morgus website.

Tomorrow: to celebrate the release of Monstrous, I list my top ten giant creature films.


Jamie Eyberg said...

How did I miss Morgus growing up? That was a trip.

I am glad you got out of your creative funk. Nothing like a little bee funeral to bring you out of the blahs.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ha! So that explains Morgus.

Interesting story idea - good luck with it.

katey said...

Morgus is weirdly familiar. I wonder if my aunts and uncles introduced me to him when I was just a wee thing... I would not be surprised. I need more.

That's a good story of overcoming blahs, thanks! Museums of all kinds are fabulous for that.

Carrie Harris said...

What a cool story idea. I'm fascinated by all things bee.

K.C. Shaw said...

That's great about the story! Sounds very interesting too. And the Morgus thing is, well, awesome.