Tuesday, September 30, 2008


How did I do in September...let's see...

I wrote (and finished) three stories:

"Just What You Need" (the longest-a 4,100 word dark fantasy)
"Daddy's Touch" (horror-1,100 words)
"Special Collections" (horror-1,000 words)

- finished revisions on "Tunnel Vision" (dark fantasy, around 1,500 words)

- wrote the first draft of an untitled dark fantasy story

- resurrected "Blood Will Have Blood" (revised as "Dinner")

- started a weird little tale about a cockroach (think Kafka) and a boy traveling down a river

- and began an overhaul of The Last Days of the Springdale Saints.

Four stories accepted:

"Dinner" (horror - Macabre Cadaver)
"Seeing Things" (horror - Twisted Tongue)
"Known Quantities" (science fictiony/horror - Sonar 4 - for their first print issue)
and "In Green Water" (werid/dark fantasy - Tales from the Moonlit Path)

"Dinner", "Known Quantities", and "In Green Water" are some of my older stories that have gone through some pretty serious revisions over the last ten months. I'm glad they found a home.

Back to work.


Jamie Eyberg said...

Its always good to find good homes for your older children.

Catherine J Gardner said...

The cockroach and the boy story sounds intriguing...

Kudos on a successful month - I saw your recent batch of acceptances on Duotrope. :)

Natalie L. Sin said...

Four stories? I hope you treated yourself to something special after that : )

Aaron Polson said...

Jamie-I'm just happy they aren't in the basement anymore. :)

Cate-so interesting that I'm kind of struggling with it. :|

Cate/Natalie-these things seem to come in cycles. I think October is going to be bleak. But hey, it's OCTOBER! Yea!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I had the 'don't know if it will be a good month' thing with my wife a couple of months ago. I think it was June. I told her that July was going to stink (it did) and that August was going to be pretty good (it was) I really didn't have an opinion on Sept (got two picked up) but I think that October is going to be a good month. I hope that you are wrong.

Carrie Harris said...

Rock on with your bad self with all those acceptances! Can we have some of your good luck?

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Wow, damn good stats...