Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweetie of a Rejection

All right, I'll admit that rejections suck. Period. But I received a signed personal rejection for "Ditching Beowulf" from Gordon Van Gelder of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. After two form rejections from F&SF, this felt...different.

Let me delude myself and pretend it actually crossed Van Gelder's desk, okay?

On the up side, I've landed a story with Our Shadows Speak, volume II edited by Lincoln Crisler. I'd sent"The Surgeon" out almost four months ago, and almost forgot about it. I guess this is the best kind of acceptance--the one that zooms out of nowhere.

I'm usually sooooo good at predicting rejections. Har.

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Catherine J Gardner said...

Congrats into making it into Our Shadows Speak.