Thursday, March 6, 2008

Strange, Very Strange

Within the past week, two pieces of my short fiction have gone public on their respective webzines, and I'm left with the odd excitement felt by so many fledgling writers.

Writing, in general, in a very personal process. I have a co-worker that calls it "slashing yourself open and bleeding on paper." That might be a bit much, but the image works on some level. How will strangers respond to my work? Will they like it? And, by some odd extension, will they like me? How will they interpret what I've offered?

Writing fiction-and all the related woes (rejections, etc.)-has been a strange ride thus far, and the weird twinge I've felt when seeing my name as a byline is just another stop on the journey.

I've enjoyed this writing adventure (so far) and hope I can keep going for years to come.

My story, "Homecoming" is available to read in the March issue of Reflection's Edge.

"Rock Gods and Concrete Altars" is part of GlassFire Magazine's Winter 2007 issue.

Have a look; drop me a line.

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